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Meet Caroline

Caroline Lepage is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and the founder of RESTORE EQUILIBRIUM NATURALLY. She is passionate about teaching the fundamentals of nutrition to enhance people's lives and optimize health. Caroline has been involved in the health industry since 2006 and has worked in collaboration with community health partners on developing resources for the Public Health Ontario-Healthy Eating program.


In addition to her extensive background in public health promotion, Caroline has also helped many clients achieve measurable results such as: improved blood sugar levels and better digestion along with reduced stress and anxiety. During a consultation, Caroline focuses on addressing the underlying causes of nutritional imbalances, using natural methodologies to influence positive lifestyle changes and allow the body to return to its own natural state of balance.


Actively promoting healthy practices in her community, Caroline also facilitates workshops on nutrition and chronic disease prevention. One of the many joys in Caroline’s life is inspiring anyone seeking to reach an optimal sense of wellness using a holistic approach.

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My Personal Health Journey

Back in my late twenties was when I experienced my first health crisis, I was under a lot of stress at the time running a business while raising two children under the age of five. After numerous doctor visits, the symptoms were ruled out as a "burn-out". Already interested in natural health practices at a young age, I declined the offer from my doctor for taking an anti-depressant, as she was stating it would help me cope with the stress. Instead, I researched about what my body was lacking nutritionally and started changing my eating habits; it took about seven months for my body to regain balance and the symptoms disappeared.

In my mid-thirties, I had two other health challenges: "vertigo" and a "herniated disc" which caused severe lower back pains. I was then told by my healthcare provider that "hopefully with time, the symptoms would go away" and was sent home with no means of relief. That put me again on a quest for answers which took me several months to recover (for both conditions), again after multiple research and using natural healing modalities. That's when I decided to take charge of my own health and went back to school. In 2013, I became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki practitioner; I also earned my credentials as an Herbalist and Iridologist in 2016.


Today in my fifties, I love helping people achieve good health and balance in all aspects of life. My mission is simple: give my clients the tools and resources that they need to feel healthy and capable of managing life's pressures.


Get in touch to learn more and take a big step in your health!

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I am dedicated to helping you uncover the connections between the underlying root cause and the symptoms you are experiencing. I am committed to helping you implement what you learn about your body's specific needs in your daily routine, in a practical and empowering way. I am here to offer you support on your journey to health and I'm looking forward to helping you reach your optimal state of wellness.


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